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When it comes to delivering gymnastics, safety is a top priority. Whether its risks of overuse injuries, or risks derived from the inherent dangers of hurling one's body several feet in the air with multiple flips and/or twists and landing successfully, gymnastics can be a dangerous sport mentally and physically. Safe, successful gymnastics programs are always on the hunt to reduce the risks involved with our beautiful sport especially as an early specialization sport. The coach - athlete - parent triad needs to be a strong bond in helping to reduce the load bearing demands our sport inevitably involves. Here are some tips for parents to assist in the process of a journey within participation in competitive gymnastics:

~Assist in helping gymnasts to understand the importance of a healthy diet alongside gymnastics participation.

~Aim to reduce inflammation of joint articulations through appropriate measures whilst at home where possible.

~Safe gymnastics delivery also involves reductions in anxiety levels.

Overall, the relationships amongst the coach, athlete and parents can assist in the safe delivery and performance of gymnastics. The parents are a large and fundamental part of the team.  Stay tuned for future posts detailing diet, joint health and anxiety within gymnastics.

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