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Balancing Beam

Abigail Woods

2022 JO 3 Competitor



Abigail Roy

2022 JO 8 Competitor

Abby's Bio

Balancing Beam

Amelia Wilbiks

2022 JO 1 Competitor

Amelia's Bio

Balancing Beam

Amya Hogan

2022 JO 2 Competitor

Amya's Bio


Anna Georgoudis

2022 JO 7 Competitor

Anna's Bio

Gymnastic Rings

Audrey Del Vecchio

2022 JO3 Competitor

Audrey's Bio

Balancing Beam

Briella Guest

2022 JO 2 Competitor

Briella's Bio

Balancing Beam

Caleigh Tutschke

2020 JO 1 Competitor



Casey Kilpatrick

2019 JO Level 7
Provincial Floor Gold Medal

~loves gymnastics (especially floor), is a twin (but not at the gym LOL), favourite food is fruit!


Clara Brown

2020 JO 3 Competitor


Balancing Beam

Clarissa Masic

2022 JO 3 Competitor

Clarissa's Bio


Devyn Symonds

2019 JO Level 2 (JO3)
1st Place Provincials Floor, Vault

~cautious yet fun-loving; artistic and athletic; lover of books; champion of friendships; modest yet strives to her potential.


Ella Mosher

2020 JO Level 4
Provincial Competitor

@ellagmosher Grand Bay-Westfield, NB
~always doing gymnastics, handstands everywhere and anywhere, fun loving, chocolate eating night owl

Balancing Beam

Ellyana Daigle

2022 JO 6 Competitor

Ellyana's Bio

Gymnastic Rings

Emily Brown

2022 JO 6 Competitor

Emily's Bio

Balancing Beam

Frankie Bustin

2022 JO 1 Competitor

Frankie's Bio

Balancing Beam

Grace Brown

2020 JO 1 Competitor



Grace Stevenson

2020 JO 6 Competitor
2nd Place Pony Jumper World Winter Fair 2018


Hailey Fudge

2020 JO 6 Competitor
Silver Medalist
Provincials 2019

~loves to read, draw and THE BARS


Hannah Long

2020 JO 3 Competitor


Balancing Beam

Johanna Mills

2020 JO 1 Competitor



Julianna Ross

2020 JO 3 Competitor



Katelyn Currie

2022 JO 8 Competitor

Kate's Bio

Balancing Beam

Katherine Brown

2022 JO 1 Competitor

Katherine's Bio


Keely Stevens

2020 JO 4 Competitor
2019 3rd All Round Level 3 Provincials

~loves photography, art and instagram (gorgeous!), the gym and cacti!!


Kenna Blucher

2020 JO Level 3
1st Place Floor Fundy Competition

~creative, energetic, kind, sporty, fashionista, musical, animal lover


Libby Lambert

2020 JO 6 Competitor
2019 JO Level 4
Highest Score on Beam 9.6

~dedicated 6 years of gymnastics, loves to draw, swim and appreciates time with family and friends #believeitachieveit......


Lilianna Del Vecchio

2020 JO 6 Competitor
2019 JO Level 4 Argo
3rd All Around Provincials

Lilianna has been doing cartwheels into rooms since she was three years old, and loves to spend her days tumbling, reading and drawing.


Lucy McLaggan

2020 JO 3 Competitor
2019 JO Level 2 Competitor

~world traveling vegetarian, music kid, loves to do handstands, considers all furniture a gymnastics apparatus. "Why walk on your feet when you can walk on your hands?"

Balancing Beam

Marlie Cousins

2022 JO 2 Competitor

Marlie's Bio


Mary Higgins

2020 JO 5 Competitor
JO Level 4
Front Layout Double Twist

~loves to backflip off beach chairs
......sleep, eat draw, flip, repeat......


Mikayla Lint

2020 JO 3 Competitor

~newcomer, LOVES gymnastics, and anything with her team mates (including competition!)

Balancing Beam

Morgan Davidson

2022 JO 6 Competitor

Morgan's Bio

Balancing Beam

Rhylee MacDonald

2020 JO 1 Competitor


Balancing Beam

Samantha Stoddart

2020 JO 1 Competitor



Sophie Brown

2020 JO Level 3 Competitor

~super flexible, lives life upside down - from cartwheels to handstands to monkeybars, aspiring Ninja Warrior Junior, cookie fiend


Willa McNamee

2020 JO Level 6 Competitor


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